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  • AutoLogin
  • EMLH(Easiest Multi Language Hack)

[/ja]This is a Sample Module for XOOPS Cube2.1.
This Module has following features.

  • AutoLogin Hack
  • MultiLanguage Hack
  • iGoogle Gadget Block (Experimental)

AutoLogin and MultiLanguage features are based on GIJOE'S XOOPS 2.0.x Hack

XOOPS Cube2.1.x


[/ja]This module requires XOOPS Cube Legacy 2.1.x or higher.

  1. Please download above file.
  2. Unzip files and then copy them into XOOPS Cube Root folder.
  3. Install module with XOOPS Cube Administration menu

Enbling AutoLogin Feature

In cubeUtils module preference screen

  1. Set [Use Auto Login] to "Yes"
  2. Maximum lifetime for AutoLogin into [Auto Login Lifetime] field in hours.

Customizing Muti Language Feature

With default setting, You can switch language between "Japanese" and "English".
If you want to customize it , you shold copy
/modules/cubeUtils/include/conf_ml.dist.php to conf_ml.php,
and then edit it as you want.
After setting done, if you can write a multi language content like as follow.


And if you insert [ja]mlimg[/ja] in your content, you'll see national flags to switch language.

iGoogle Gadget Block (Experimental)

This feature enbles any guest visible blocks on Xoops Cube Legacy will be displayed in your iGoogle page as gadget. (Brief document is under constuction)

1) AutoLogin


2)EMLH(Easiest Multi Language Hack)

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