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Enhance BBcode with Delegate


I have used WordPress Plugin for PHP Code Highliting ,until I understood XOOPS Cube Delegate can do same thing.
From a few weeks ago, I'm using PHP Code Highliting Enhanced XCODE(BBCode) adding [phpsrc] tag. (more...)


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XoopsErrorHandler in Xoops Cube Legacy2.1


GIJOE wrote in his site [Starting to debug Cube 2.1beta], he don't want to use XoopsErrorHandler and he directly commented out some lines in class/errorhandler.php.
But with XOOP Cube Legacy 2.1 beta, anyone who don't want using XoopsErrorHandler, he can override this portion using with Delagete function. (more...)

OSC 2006 Tokyo/Fall

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Upgrade toXOOPS Cube Legacy 2.1 Beta2


I upgrade this site to XOOPS Cube Legacy2.1 Beta2

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